Meezotech, founded in 2018, emerged from the passion of tech enthusiasts committed to crafting cutting-edge IT products and services for businesses. Since our inception, we've swiftly expanded our footprint across the globe, establishing a strong presence in regions like (red color) MENA, EU, US. With a vision to achieve global prominence by 2025, Meezotech empowers its engineers, fostering a culture that nurtures creativity and excellence. Our leadership embraces a Holacracy management system, empowering our team to make impactful decisions efficiently. Boasting technical expertise and industry-specific knowledge, we cater to diverse sectors, adapting to evolving trends and emerging technologies. Committed to exclusivity and uniqueness, our mantra is to shine in every success story, making Meezotech a standout choice for our valued customers.

7+years of cutting edge experience .

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IT Consulting
Migration & Cloud Services
Software Development
Mobile App Development
IT Support and Maintenance
Resource Outsourcing

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Our Tech Talent

We deliver exceptionally talented developers, engineers and designers to provide exceptional mentorship with our fully functional team. Review our plans.

Fixed Bid Plan
Our business model delivers tech talent with a fixed bid plan that comprises a few requirements, a fixed schedule and cost.
Dedicated Plan
We allow you to choose a dedicated plan to customize requirements according to project needs at a reduced cost.
Hourly Plan
Build and optimize your project at an hourly rate for the time our resources work effortlessly on your project.

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Let us know about your business plans on an introductory call, and we’ll lead the matching process.

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